Turbofil III B

Benefiting from a recent, robust design and incorporating BROTEC France’s experience , TURBOFIL systems are suitable for any type of application. These systems incorporate a dust + gas filtration stage. Our P3 (H13) dust filters meet the EN1822 standard, and our carbon filters are standards-based EN12941, EN14387 and conform to the specifications of CARSAT and CRAM.


Designed specifically for the risk of asbestos, the new TURBOFIL 3 B is equipped with 2 dust filters. Its optimized size makes it possible to install on the largest number of machines.
TURBOFIL 3 B can be used in dust environment such as ceramic, crystalline silica …

  • Reduced dimensions
  • Pre-filter accessible without opening the box
  • Adapted to asbestos risk
  • Robust, reliable and practical