Since 2007, our company has been producing and installing pressurization and filtration systems (PFS) throughout France. In line with new needs of a market more aware of environmental concerns, our products are entirely designed and manufactured in France in the bassin rhodanien area. Our systems, composed of 3 subassemblies (box, filters and electronics) are intended to establish a healthy air in a machine cabin evolving in organic, chemical areas or in environments with risks of asbestos or simply with high content of fine and aggressive dust. The aim is to ensure a healthy working environment and an optimal atmosphere for operators working in the cabin.

An adaptable product

With our initial presence and the experience gained over the years on the French market, Brotec France has mounting kits specifically adapted to the vast majority of machines and construction machinery. Installation and monitoring is done by us or by authorized agents.

Guaranteed performance

At the heart of the overall performance of the system and the effective protection of the operator, our filters are made specifically for our applications and meet all applicable standards EN779 and EN1822 for our Dust filters. Brotec France ensures overall filtration performance that goes beyond current requirements.

Compliance with regulations

Our carbon filters are also made in France. They meet and exceed the most stringent requirements issued by safety organizations such as INRS and CARSAT, with whom we work in close collaboration, based on the extended EN13487 standard and reinforced especially for the capacities and durations of retention of dangerous gases.