The pressure filtration system

Brotec France's Overpressure / Filtration (PFS) systems systems can be installed on any vehicle or vehicle that needs to evolve in a polluted environment, to ensure a healthy working environment and an optimal atmosphere for operators working in the cabin.

Indeed, ‘paper’ filters, originally installed on gear cabs, have a poor ability to capture and retain fine particles, dust and chemical agents. Only a dedicated system can claim real efficiency with a removal capacity greater than 99.995% for the finest filters.

The filters adapted to the risk incurred are installed in a box taking, by internal suction, the ambient air deemed stale or polluted.

The air is then filtered, freed from its impurities and 'injected' in the cabin, under a slight overpressure*, without risk for the operator. Any entry of unfiltered parasitic air is thus prevented.

Our ranges can be installed on all rolling stock and can also be declined in a confined industrial environment.

Recent tests undertaken at INRS have highlighted the capture and retention performance of our equipment and the constant evolution of our products.

* To ensure optimal operator protection, our systems require cabins in good condition.

The main domains of application are ...

Demolition : Risk of dust and asbestos in confined work area.

Waste treatment : PFS on compactor moving on the site (release of methane and H²S).

Depollution : On earth-moving machinery excavating polluted soil (mainly hydrocarbons).

Composting : PFS on loader handling the forming compost (strong release of ammonia).

Mines & Quarries : Handling and loading of fine dust products.

Agriculture : phytosanitary risk in spreading toxic products ...

Chemical industry : Special work in confined environment.

Control screen with graphic display

Benefits of Brotec's cabin filtration and pressurization systems

• Continuous monitoring of cabin pressurization with graphic display;
• Visual and sonor alarms;
• Controlled ventilation group;
• Automatic start with progressive ramp;
• Neat workmanship with 304 stainless steel frame;
• Quick adaptation to your specific needs;
• A reactive service provided by us;

• Periodic and preventive maintenance of systems;